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Does your driveway look tired and worn?

I provide a quality, budget-friendly driveway cleaning service in Ainsdale, Birkdale, Formby and Southport. I can give your driveway a much-needed facelift by removing any algae, moss, dirt and lichens and any other biological growth on the surface of your home’s driveway.

As time passes by, your home’s driveway will slowly deteriorate due to dirt and weeds growing on the surface and in between flagstones or block paving. Having weeds growing in between block paving and flagstones on your driveway can seriously affect the strength of your driveway not to mention degrading your homes side appearance.

Driveway Cleaning Ainsdale

My driveway cleaning service in Ainsdale, Birkdale, Formby and Southport consists of removing all surface dirt and algae as well as removing weeds growing in between flagstones and block paving. Once the weeds and surface dirt have been removed from the driveway, the next step is to brush kiln sand in between the flagstones or block paving. Brushing kiln sand into the gaps between the flagstones or block paving makes sure the stones do not move, and weeds do not grow back anytime soon.

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